There are a few different ways you can navigate and utilise this list...

First, you need to choose your difficulty rating and then you can browse through three collections of repertoire; Core, Secondary, and Auxiliary. 


Core Repertoire: This is the music played by pretty music every saxophone student at some point or another. If you are new to saxophone literature or unsure of what to choose, start here.


Secondary Repertoire: These are the second most popular pieces of literature. They appear in many repertoire lists and make great additions to a concert program


Auxiliary Repertoire: This music is still considered part of our core repertoire, but not so widely performed. They may have a historical significance and could be a great way to balance a recital program with a lesser performed piece.


Then decide on a difficulty rating that is right for you.


CR1: is a list of entry level saxophone concert literature. It is suitable for accomplished High School saxophone students as well as college freshmen.


CR2: contains saxophone literature suiable for most college freshmen.


CR3: could be appropriate for both junior or sophomore students


CR4: contains advanced literature for senior undergraduate students.


CR5: contains advanced saxophone literature most suited towards graduate students.


Note: there is no right or wrong time to play a piece of music. A well balanced concert program will contain a mixture of advanced and classic repertoire. Choose music that you feel will set you up for success, and to which you will be able to deliver a masterful and musical performance.

My sincere thanks to Dan Gelok, Masahito Sugihara, and Gail B. Levinsky for their expert advise.

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